Learning to Read and Leadership as Art

Early in my ministry two things became apparent: 1) Good preachers, in the United Methodist tradition at least, read and read widely. 2) Leadership, in a parish, community outreach ministry and beyond is at least as much ART as it is SCIENCE.

Saving Soul and Soil

In thinking about the future of Christianity and United Methodism in North America, I have seen the links between our natural worlds and faith worlds ever more clearly. I will be sharing many of these insights here -- and hope to have dialogue with many of you. Some of them will be found in talks I am giving at the North Texas Annual Conference sessions on June 14-15. Watch this space.


Does Christianity Have a Future?

For over fifty years, United Methodist membership and attendance in the U.S. has been ebbing. What’s gone wrong? What shall we do? I admit that I have no easy solutions. I bring you no programs, formulas or catchy initiatives for a quick remedy to our dilemma. Currently, our situation is complicated by the pandemic, the divisions in our denomination, and the national challenges around truth-telling and low institutional trust.